Our softscape services incorporate quality landscape design to make sure your outside area is perfectly in sync with the look you are going for. When it comes to landscaping we like to work with seasonal plants so they will work with your space and blossom at the right time of year so you will always have a variety of color every season.

By mixing in softscape features with hardscape features we can give you a balanced space that works with lush greenery and paved sections. Our team has over 25 years of experience in the landscaping and gardening industry so we will be able to work with you to give you the perfect space. We like to employ organic top soil that is naturally going to have the fuel to give your plants a healthy start in life. We cone off your saplings or plants to avoid any damage from outside sources like animals and insects until they start to mature.

A healthy green environment adds to a much better well being. It’s been proven that having an outdoor space that is relaxing can bring down stress levels. These days more businesses are taking this in to consideration and are building out rooftop gardens so employees can enjoy at lunch and decompress should they feel stressed. Huge companies like Facebook have had their new buildings fitted to include the entire roof being landscaped in to meandering parks where they can hold client meetings and take in beautiful views of city spaces.

Our softscape team will also advise on what plants bring in certain birds to your garden should you be a wildlife enthusiast. We are lucky to have humming birds here is California and we know the types of plants that attract them to your space. We also believe in planting stuff you can eat from, be it fruit trees or spices we can incorporate these plants around your garden so of you are a keen cooking enthusiast you will be able to walk out in to the garden and gather fresh produce. Nothing impresses people more when you say you cooked for them using freshly picked organic produce from your garden.

So as you can see we have this wealth on knowledge to help you shape your outdoor area and also maintain it. Feel free to have us come out for a free consultation to help you design your outside area the way you want it, we look forward to taking your call.


Here is a small brief about our business and how we can help you


  • We have a fair amount of land and a good portion of it was grass. With the drought griping California for the past few years now and not much rain again this winter we decided to change our landscaping to be much more environmentally friendly and more drought tolerant. PBTP Landscaping designed a space that not only uses 80% less water but also made the space feel much bigger.

    Rand Teasdale, Beverley Hills CA
  • Designing a landscape that can stand up to foot traffic and vegetation that works in a busy area with lots of pedestrians was our aim. We thankfully have provided that to our commercial premises thanks to PBTP Landscaping. Building an outdoor environment that reflects our business is what we aimed to achieve and it was completed, thanks.

    Dale Spencer, Anaheim CA
  • We have a smaller yard space around 250 Sq Ft that we were not sure what to do with. I called PBTP Landscaping because I wanted to get some advice on what would be perfect for such a small urban space. They came in and designed this cool concrete polished seating with amazing planters and a fire pit. I would have never had a clue about what design would work for this space and they knocked it out of the park.

    Wendy Rowland, Santa Monica CA