From pavers to walls we have installation teams to help you with the following

Hardscape would be described as adding hard surfaces to a landscape such as retaining walls, patios and water features. Anything involving what would be deemed a hard surface which we have the ability to install. It is always important to have a company that has the correct structural engineers so your landscaping lasts! If walls are being erected then you need to know that they can hold the pressure load of the soil backed behind it. A good structural landscape engineer which we employ will be able to advise you on what wall would suit you and what work is needed to make sure it holds up to extra weight from rain and we will also include sufficient drainage to the wall so it has a healthy run off to stop any potential flooding.

Rock landscapes are also a big feature, desert themed landscapes that blend in with the dry California landscape to give a fantastic drought tolerant setting. Certain stone settings can replace turf and help with limiting watering of lawns. Stone and ceramic planters can also be installed to give a stacked effect to the space making it interesting to the eye.

Commercial hardscpaing

If you have a business that is class A, B or C you need to make sure you retain you tenants and you also want your tenants to have a place they are proud of to bring clients for meetings. It is our job to make sure your building looks appealing and this can be done by adding a setting that includes patios areas for workers to lunch at within the building area. Water features that cut road noise and also bring a zen feel to any court yard. Planters can act as security bollards to protect fronts of buildings and also guide traffic to where you want it without having to use ugly cones. Walkways that are hardwearing and can use natural stone or stamped concrete is a must for any commercial building. There are many options to go with and we can even resurface a car parking area. We have specialists to entertain every aspect of commercial landscaping and we will be happy to consult on what will work for you.

When you feel ready to have us discus what would be best for your residential or commercial space. Please feel free to call us and we will send out one of our hardscape specialist to assist you in designing and planning your outdoor space.


Here is a small brief about our business and how we can help you


  • We have a fair amount of land and a good portion of it was grass. With the drought griping California for the past few years now and not much rain again this winter we decided to change our landscaping to be much more environmentally friendly and more drought tolerant. PBTP Landscaping designed a space that not only uses 80% less water but also made the space feel much bigger.

    Rand Teasdale, Beverley Hills CA
  • Designing a landscape that can stand up to foot traffic and vegetation that works in a busy area with lots of pedestrians was our aim. We thankfully have provided that to our commercial premises thanks to PBTP Landscaping. Building an outdoor environment that reflects our business is what we aimed to achieve and it was completed, thanks.

    Dale Spencer, Anaheim CA
  • We have a smaller yard space around 250 Sq Ft that we were not sure what to do with. I called PBTP Landscaping because I wanted to get some advice on what would be perfect for such a small urban space. They came in and designed this cool concrete polished seating with amazing planters and a fire pit. I would have never had a clue about what design would work for this space and they knocked it out of the park.

    Wendy Rowland, Santa Monica CA