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PBTP Landscaping Los Angeles

We consider landscaping to be an art form, should it be a small urban space you want to transform or acres of land, we can make sure that this is accomplished to an exquisite standard.

The Varity of vegetation for us here in Southern California is vast and plentiful. We are lucky to able to have the choice of many different species of plants. PBTP Landscaping Los Angeles works to make sure your landscaping is eco conscious by using special planting techniques and growing beautiful native plant species to your grounds.

Drought tolerant landscaping is very much in vogue here in Los Angeles and looked upon as a necessity to do our part in conserving water as best we can for not only us right now but our future generations. We can help you transform your space in to an oasis of wonder and amazement with qualified botanists and landscaping specialists.

Your garden can look however you want it to and we will help you achieve that desired look right here at PBTP Landscaping Los Angeles.

Our Work

Stone landscaping

Layered gardens give a great opportunity to install raised planters and make your garden feel like it’s not just a flat plain.

Garden design

From turf management to grounds layout we have landscape artists who can shape your outdoor space in to a beautiful oasis.

Commercial Landscaping

From urban planning landscapes to country landscaping we like to work with commercial clients to make sure their outdoor space reflects their business.