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Presenting the perfect outdoor space for you

Our company is responsible for creating some of the most breathtaking landscaping throughout Los Angeles. The company was founded in 1985 and is foremost one of the leading landscaping companies for soft landscaping and hard landscaping. We have actively worked to form a landscaping consultancy, design and maintenance business that is actively servicing commercial and residential clients in the Southern California region.

All of our enterprising landscape solutions have won us acclaim from city leaders as well as environmentalists for regeneration of areas using sustainable and recycled materials as well as using organic soil that has been naturally composed to sustain new growth. The vision of our company is listening and working with our climate here in California to ensure that what we plant is drought tolerant and can sustain those long hot summers using little water. We want to make sure we are responsible for educating our clients on the latest landscaping trends to ensure your property is promoting a good message to your clients and neighbors.

We are actively involved In the preservation of national parks here In Los Angeles and PBTP Landscaping has advised on some of the more bigger projects that have been undertaken here In Los Angeles with regards to public space being preserved and turned in to parks. With this new renaissance of urban planning our business is at the forefront with providing consultancy services to making sure our city and community leaders are doing things right and responsibly.

You can employ our services by simply setting up and appointment. We will have a landscaper and designer consult meet with you to go over what you want to achieve with your open space. Be it a modern looking outdoor space or a more traditional setting we can let you know through our design software what your outdoor space will look like. This will include plant choices, water features if included and much more. It all starts with an initial phone call which can lead to a space of which you will be proud to look at every day.


Here is a small brief about our business and how we can help you


  • We have a fair amount of land and a good portion of it was grass. With the drought griping California for the past few years now and not much rain again this winter we decided to change our landscaping to be much more environmentally friendly and more drought tolerant. PBTP Landscaping designed a space that not only uses 80% less water but also made the space feel much bigger.

    Rand Teasdale, Beverley Hills CA
  • Designing a landscape that can stand up to foot traffic and vegetation that works in a busy area with lots of pedestrians was our aim. We thankfully have provided that to our commercial premises thanks to PBTP Landscaping. Building an outdoor environment that reflects our business is what we aimed to achieve and it was completed, thanks.

    Dale Spencer, Anaheim CA
  • We have a smaller yard space around 250 Sq Ft that we were not sure what to do with. I called PBTP Landscaping because I wanted to get some advice on what would be perfect for such a small urban space. They came in and designed this cool concrete polished seating with amazing planters and a fire pit. I would have never had a clue about what design would work for this space and they knocked it out of the park.

    Wendy Rowland, Santa Monica CA