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Backyard Landscaping / After

Full service landscaping in backyard, including drip irrigation and pavers.

Backyard Landscaping / Before

View of the backyard before PBTP Landscaping service.

Small Backyard with Hill / Before

Smaller backyard with hill before services.

Small Backyard with Hill / After

Pavers, grass installation, mulch and shrubbery.

Front Yard / Before

Front yard before services, just dirt.

Front Yard / After

Grass installation in frontyard as well as plants.

Waterfall Feature

Stonework plus waterfall feature in backyard.

Mulch and Gravel Walkway

Mulch and gravel walkway, California water friendly.

Drip Irrigation

Plants and small tree with drip irrigation that is water cost friendly.

Frontyard Planting / Before

Frontyard before planting.

Frontyard Planting / After

Frontyard planting complete.